tailsblack.jpg          Tailsrevised.jpg

Tails has been the accomplished balloon sculptor for the Hartford Wolfpack for the past 10 years! This is NOT your ordinary doggie balloon! The purple look is Tails' new look! Lovely, yes?

Clo18.gif   webhawaiiclown.jpg               jadethejester.jpg

 Where clown makeup isn't desired, Tails can perform as JADE THE JESTER! Music, magic, balloons, etc.....

Tails is very well known for her elaborate face painting! Not your ordinary cheek designs! 

She will actually turn children into a large variety of creatures, princesses, butterflies 

and countless more!    Doesn't this young lady make a great tiger?                                

              balloons4.gif                  tigerface2.JPG      paintingtails.jpg     

                    Tiger theme party! Ha! Meow15_12A.JPG   Newbritainherald.jpg

And Tails can theme a party for you! Lately, she's been doing some awesome pirate parties!


Tails with Huggles and Ronald! And Tails in her holiday look with Mrs. Claus!

Ronaldandme.jpg          Mrsclaus

christmasscotty.jpg                         clownfloating.gif               newyorkboston.JPG

Holiday Tails, with green tinsle hair!

Tails and Robo on the right. Is it baseball season yet???

Below, one of our favorite repeat parties! And of-course, Tails in her new purple look!

Hi, Melody! We love you!

kidspainted.jpg           newtailspicture.jpg

             Now offering THE CAT IN THE HAT for your Dr. Suess celebrations and reading programs! Sally will read some favorite Suess books, play some songs, do some Cat in the Hat tricks and paint the kids as cats!   

And to the right, it's Party Time with Tails!


             catinhat.jpg        party18.jpg